Viola’s Flower Garden Wedding | Flagstaff Wedding Photography | Flagstaff Wedding Video

The Gardens at Viola’s is a Flagstaff mainstay venue.

It seems like everyone in Flagstaff cherishes this venue for one reason or another. Whether its fond memories of the pumpkin patch or hay maze or its picking out fresh flowers for the garden, this is a venue where memories are made daily. For this Flagstaff local couple it only seems fitting that they would pick such an iconic Flagstaff venue.

This wedding had such a great vibe and sooo many surprises. Check out this llama and Camel!!!

Their favorite ice-cream truck showed up late into the festivities!

Grooms get some love from us too!

The couple made our team feel as much like a guest as a vendor! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Learn more about the venue here:

Outdoor weddings are our jam!

Aspen Room Wedding | Flagstaff Wedding Photos

Aspen Room in Flagstaff, Arizona is a perfect location for a bride seeking simplicity and style for their wedding.

This East Flagstaff wedding space can by glamified with decor from local rental companies like Valenci Vintage (Amazing Vintage Couch Pictured below).

Love is Love Events coordinated this wedding and set the simple and classic mood for the day.

As a wedding photographer, sometimes I get the delight of indulging in the catering… and with vendors like Square Root Burger, Copa Cafe, Jacqueline Rose Cakery and Drinking Horn Meadery, I was in heaven.

One of the perks about being a wedding photographer AND a wedding videographer is that its in my nature to give my couples a little extra creative sumpthin’ sumpthin’

Sedona Airport Overlook Wedding | Sedona Elopement Photographer

V & A eloped in Sedona with an intimate poolside wedding.

It’s easy to get focused on all the wrong things leading up to your wedding. From the decor, to the venue, to the vendors it all becomes stressful and you end up feeling stretched thin. V & A focused on what matters most. Their love and being with family.

V & A bypassed many complications and opted for a simple poolside elopement at Scenic Sedona

Eloping in Sedona practically GUARANTEES you WILL have a beautiful venue and panoramic views for your wedding photos.

V & A decided to go on an impromptu hike to the top of Sedona Airport Overlook for Wedding Photos. Needless to say they were stunned by the views. Hooray for adventurous couples!

A simple dining room reception with family closed out the night for this couple.

Wanna see this location from the air? Check out my wedding video with drone footage here

A Case for Creativity | Flagstaff Wedding Photographer

Picasso said: Good artists copy; Great artists steal. In essence, all art is just stolen and modified. This is true of photography as well.

A truly skilled photographer is a master of discretion. They take in mass amounts of images and styles and curate their own style from the revolving buffet of imagery seen every day. Think about your instagram feed. How much of the same looking images do you see? There is a good reason. It’s because people like it, and the photographer has realized it and adopted this style! Everyone has their own taste in aesthetics, just like food, and some tastes are fairly universal; like vanilla.

Vanilla ice cream is good, I enjoy vanilla ice cream, but I also want to enjoy a fine meal on occasion. If I am going to spend lots of money on a special occasion, I might expect a more sophisticated dessert than soft serve ice-cream.

Then again, some people don’t want to stand out. If you think all photography is the same, if you can’t discern quality, then I suggest you go with the best deal or hire the least expensive photographer. This is the only way you will feel like you have received value.
Even if you aren’t trained in the critique of photography, you are likely an adept consumer of media. What is it about some photos that just make you stop? The photos that transport you to another place? The photos that make you FEEL something? When choosing a photographer, trust this above all. Your taste!

You are paying good money for your photos, make sure you are getting a tiramisu not soft serve ice-cream (Unless soft serve ice-cream is your favorite!)

I like this videos take on creativity.

Prescott Portrait Photography | Watson Lake Fashion Photography

Miss Lady Turquoise is an active fashion and lifestyle model in Flagstaff and the Northern Arizona region. Skye Gonnie aka Miss Lady Turquoise specializes in vintage and pinup styles; adding her native dine’ (Navajo) heritage into her styling. After participating in a pin-up pageant at The Prescott Resort as part of Northern Arizona Tattoo Fest, we headed to Watson Lake for our Fashion Shoot and Miss Lady Turquoise killed it!

The dells at Watson Lake make an amazing venue for all kinds of portraits. The unique rock structures played to Miss Lady Turquoise’s strengths and she looked in her natural environment among the stones.

Go follow this model on instagram

If you like these creative portraits check out these smoke bomb senior photos

Flagstaff Senior Photos | Mac’s Urban Smoke Bomb Shoot

Flagtaff Senior Photos, Mac’s Senior Steeze

Mac is a personality if you’ve ever met one. He will make you laugh continually and will serve as your entertainment. This makes sense because he is an amazing performer and highly involved in drama, choir, and anything to do with music.

Whatever this guy does, he does with gusto and style. Look for him on a stage near you!

We are tired of boring Flagstaff senior photos too. If you want to stand out from the pack and get some senior photos that don’t look like the same photos you’ve been seeing since the late 90’s book here

These are the smokebombs we use. Totally safe and super vibrant.

Flagstaff Wedding Photography | Coconino Forest Wedding

As a true Flagstaff gal,

a little noon time sun couldn’t stop this bride. Adorned with her trusty cowboy boots, this rodeo queen looked dashing.

I love these Arizona appropriate flowers from

The Cowboy hatted groom was no slouch either! The cowboy hat was a gift from the Father of the Bride.

The couple cut their spectacular succulent cake on the tailgate of a 4×4 pickup truck, in true country fashion.

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Agave of Sedona Wedding Video | Sedona Wedding Videography

This wedding was spectacular because of the attention to detail and care that went into the planning… having an amazing venue like Agave of Sedona certainly helps!

From the Geode cake, to the geological terrariums, to the crystal center pieces, this Agave of Sedona wedding was planned with caring dedication and love.

These crystals just scream Sedona

The bridal party knew how to get down! Such a fun reception.

Not sure if you NEED a wedding video? Read This

Want more info about this venue, Agave of Sedona, for your wedding? Visit their site here


Mormon Lake Wedding | Flagstaff Wedding Photography

This car has a love story of its own!

K & S | Mormon Lake Wedding

The owners bought this car as a fixer upper when they first got married and through 20 years of hard work, caring attention and dedication, they restored it to the beautiful state you see it in today. The car has been with them for 20 years and it has seen them in great times and hard times. It’s gone with them to each place they have lived across the country. It is a symbol of their enduring and persevering love, but also representative of their never ending spirit of adventure. The couple has put hours of hard work and dedication into the car, and in return, it gives them joy and excitement. Marriage isn’t always a leisurely drive, but it is a worthwhile one. Along your journey, as the miles pass by, your marriage will require maintenance and occasionally repair, but the payoff is always worth it.

The view of the San Francisco Peaks overlooking Mormon Lake makes this one of my favorite locations to shoot weddings. 100s of elk can often be seen grazing and drinking near the lake below.

Mormon Lake Wedding

Interested in a Mormon Lake Wedding? Here is the venue info

The bride is a esthetician and did her own gorgeous hair! Check her out at her Downtown Flagstaff Studio

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Why a Wedding Video? | Flagstaff Wedding Videography

You already have a wedding photographer that you most likely paid good money for, so why would you need a wedding film too?

Photography is important. Photography is timeless. Video will never replace photography, but there are some undeniable cases where film is necessary to capture the totality of the moment.

Storytelling –

One of the major aspects of film is the ability to incorporate audio. Music and dialogue enhance the images captured in the film and build emotion. A wedding film helps capture the true story behind a couple. Whether it be the humorous way they met, or the struggles they endured to arrive at the pinnacle of their relationship; storytelling can be masterfully achieved through film.


How someone talks, the way they gesture with their hands, what their laugh sounds like, or how they walk are all things that can be captured forever with video.  Having a permanent record of someone special to you is a priceless experience. In addition to capturing what a loved one looks like, film captures all elements of their personality and preserves it as permanent record.

The big picture is made from the details-

Because a filmmakers camera’s are capturing continuously, they record a great deal of details and moments. The couple at a wedding can’t be everywhere and definitely can’t spend as much time with every guest as they would like. I know from personal experience, my wedding day felt like a whirlwind. If I had a wedding film, I could look back and see the day as it truly was. I could see all of the guests that were having a great time and even see some behind the scenes moments at my own wedding that I couldn’t possibly have seen any other way.

Photos have an intrinsic, permanent value. A photographers extremely difficult job is to tell a story through one still frame. Wedding Videography is not a competitor to Wedding Photography, but rather a different art form that has a different focus and set of strengths. If you are on the fence about a wedding video, think about how you would like to remember your wedding in twenty years. If you would someday like to rehear your partners voice on the day of your wedding, see and hear their reaction as they see you for the first time, hear your maid of honor’s, best man’s or father or mother’s speech at the reception, I implore you, consider video. I wish I had.