Why We Switched to Analog Film – Arizona Film Photographer

To it’s credit, digital photography has put cameras in the hands of many aspiring photographers, myself included. It’s made it easy for a generation to become adept at capturing images by providing an inexpensive and consequence free way to take thousands of photos. With the ability to shoot thousands of high resolution photos an hourContinue reading “Why We Switched to Analog Film – Arizona Film Photographer”

Sedona Maternity Photos | Crescent Moon Ranch

Is Adventurousness Hereditary? If it is, this Sedona couple will have a little explorer before long… L is 8 weeks out in these photos and absolutely radiant… L and M decided to take their maternity photos in the same location that they got married; Crescent Moon Ranch in Sedona, Arizona. This mom wanted to keepContinue reading “Sedona Maternity Photos | Crescent Moon Ranch”