Vaulted Sky | Flagstaff Boudoir

Celebrating Beauty and Empowering Self

I adore all things vintage, pinup, and burlesque. I’m a horror geek (Spoopy). Equally, I love accentuating the inherent beauty of women in a safe and empowering manner. To me, boudoir is the expression of a woman’s sensuality whether that expression is a gift for a partner or a celebration of oneself. Let’s get together and make something gorgeous.

Boudoir is not just naked skin and lingerie. It is showing empowerment. A woman is beautiful in sweatpants and a tank top or lingerie!

I want to empower women. I want to show them what everyone sees when they see them. This is what boudoir is. I want to change how women look at their bodies.

When you are ready for a boudoir experience contact me!