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This car has a love story of its own!

K & S | Mormon Lake Wedding

The owners bought this car as a fixer upper when they first got married and through 20 years of hard work, caring attention and dedication, they restored it to the beautiful state you see it in today. The car has been with them for 20 years and it has seen them in great times and hard times. It’s gone with them to each place they have lived across the country. It is a symbol of their enduring and persevering love, but also representative of their never ending spirit of adventure. The couple has put hours of hard work and dedication into the car, and in return, it gives them joy and excitement. Marriage isn’t always a leisurely drive, but it is a worthwhile one. Along your journey, as the miles pass by, your marriage will require maintenance and occasionally repair, but the payoff is always worth it.

The view of the San Francisco Peaks overlooking Mormon Lake makes this one of my favorite locations to shoot weddings. 100s of elk can often be seen grazing and drinking near the lake below.

Mormon Lake Wedding

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The bride is a esthetician and did her own gorgeous hair! Check her out at her Downtown Flagstaff Studio

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