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Midwest winters can be brutal, when everything in Omaha is brown and freezing, where do you go for engagement photos? Mulhall’s!!

Mulhall’s Omaha Engagement

Mulhall’s Omaha is a staple of the city: well known for its expansive array of plants and festive holiday displays. They also LOVE photographers and are very permissive about photography in the gardens, and why not? Free advertising of their beautiful greenhouses and displays!

K and C were such a joy to shoot and completely in love. They were elated by the idea of getting some green in their life in the middle of a harsh Omaha winter.

K and C get their picture taken professionally often and it’s a really sublime experience to work with a couple that likes memorializing their love through photography

Don’t wait for winter to be over to do your engagement photos!

Statistically speaking, most people get engaged around the holidays between thanksgiving and New Years, but if you get engaged in Omaha, your choices for engagement photography are slim unless you are willing to wait for the Spring thaw.

Like all sessions, we shot this one entirely on analog film. After shooting digital for years, I discovered analog film and became enamored with the look and depth of the film. I’ve been shooting medium format and 35mm for professional work ever since.

Kodak Portra 400 film Pushed One Stop

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