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C and B Decided to forego their traditional wedding plans and elope in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona.

Sometimes plans change, and that’s okay. C and B realized what was most important to them was their personal relationship and they decided to elope. While they still plan to have a celebration of their marriage with friends and family, the adventurous ceremony among the Red Rocks and rushing water of Oak Creek seemed to fit the couple perfectly.

Analog film is a huge part of our normal photography and ALL of these images are film!

Every now and then we get to play the part of wedding planner!

From the ceremony site to the photo locations, C and B were gracious enough to entrust us with picking the perfect time and place. They knew they wanted to get married by the creek because C (the bride)’s parents also got married at Oak Creek and they wanted to pay special tribute to her mother who is no longer with them. Asking your photographer to help pick an elopement spot is a GREAT idea. It’s our job to find and capture beautiful places, and if your photographer is as adventurous and dedicated as we are, then they will absolutely know a great spot or two… or three.. or four…!

The Couple only made one location request. A stop at Dairy Queen!

What is now dairy queen in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, was once a restaurant and bar where the bride’s parents had their reception. It’s an ongoing family joke that C’s parents got married at Dairy Queen. In honor of C and B, friends and family who could not be at the wedding got dairy queen and sent snapshots to couple of their blizzards.

The Father of the bride was the only witness and he brought his super sweet Polaroid camera to document the day.

We spent the rest of the evening exploring Oak Creek Canyon together as I led them to a hidden waterfall.

Many toasts were had with their favorite local Mother Road beer in place of the traditional wedding champagne.

Mother Road Beer in Flagstaff Arizona is a local favorite

C and B are from Alaska… and weren’t afraid of a little cold water

This is an EXPERIENCE that nobody will ever forget. To me, that’s what your wedding day is all about. Unforgettable memories with the person you love.

I’d like to take a few lines to thank two vendors that consistently make these magical elopements happen.

Officiant: Love is Love Events
Florals: Sutcliffe Floral

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