Why a Wedding Video? | Flagstaff Wedding Videography

You already have a wedding photographer that you most likely paid good money for, so why would you need a wedding film too?

Photography is important. Photography is timeless. Video will never replace photography, but there are some undeniable cases where film is necessary to capture the totality of the moment.

Storytelling –

One of the major aspects of film is the ability to incorporate audio. Music and dialogue enhance the images captured in the film and build emotion. A wedding film helps capture the true story behind a couple. Whether it be the humorous way they met, or the struggles they endured to arrive at the pinnacle of their relationship; storytelling can be masterfully achieved through film.


How someone talks, the way they gesture with their hands, what their laugh sounds like, or how they walk are all things that can be captured forever with video.  Having a permanent record of someone special to you is a priceless experience. In addition to capturing what a loved one looks like, film captures all elements of their personality and preserves it as permanent record.

The big picture is made from the details-

Because a filmmakers camera’s are capturing continuously, they record a great deal of details and moments. The couple at a wedding can’t be everywhere and definitely can’t spend as much time with every guest as they would like. I know from personal experience, my wedding day felt like a whirlwind. If I had a wedding film, I could look back and see the day as it truly was. I could see all of the guests that were having a great time and even see some behind the scenes moments at my own wedding that I couldn’t possibly have seen any other way.

Photos have an intrinsic, permanent value. A photographers extremely difficult job is to tell a story through one still frame. Wedding Videography is not a competitor to Wedding Photography, but rather a different art form that has a different focus and set of strengths. If you are on the fence about a wedding video, think about how you would like to remember your wedding in twenty years. If you would someday like to rehear your partners voice on the day of your wedding, see and hear their reaction as they see you for the first time, hear your maid of honor’s, best man’s or father or mother’s speech at the reception, I implore you, consider video. I wish I had.


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